Saturday, January 10, 2009

Product review of your product by popular bloggers

A lot of customers are using the web to look for review of products they are looking for. On a lot of sites consumers can tell about their experiences of the product. Bloggers also write about their experiences with products. This can be positive or negative. It fully depends if the expectations meets the experience of the product. Here are some examples:

The kinds of Products I want to touch in 2009
Windows 7 First Impression
Online forms: just ask what's really needed

Everybody in the world can start blogging. Popular bloggers have a lot of followers ( 17.129 readers via feed burner) These bloggers are influencers for the products they are reviewing. A positive review about your product is a free advertisement. Imagine what the impact is of a blog post with a negative product review of your product. It is not the question if you want that a popular blogger will review your product. It is the choice of the blogger if he wants to share his experiences about your product. You can't influence this as product manager. Therefore as a product manager you should ask yourself the question:

Is my product good enough for a review by a popular independent blogger?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

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