Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enterprise Search features in Exact Synergy Enterprise

In my previous post I explained why we build our own search engine in Exact Synergy Enterprise. In this blog post I will describe the features we have build in the search engine of Exact Synergy Enterpise.

Image credit: paloaltosoftware
  • Relevance ranking. Display the most relevant documents for your search. Relevance ranking of a word in document is based on different components. For instance, the number of times a word exists in a document. Is it part of the title etc....
  • Attachment search. Documents can have attachments. These attachments are indexed on the same way as the document content itself.
  • Synonyms. Within an Enterprise people can talk about the same things in different ways. For instance, within the company people talk about the Supportdesk. However customers are talking about the helpdesk. Assume a customer is doing a search on your web site for helpdesk, you want to display the contact information document of your Supportdesk. For this situation the Supportdesk is a synonym for Helpdesk.
  • Search suggestions also known as Do you mean? Everybody can make type mismatch which you did not realize when you type your keywords. If you type 'debttor' we will suggest 'debtor'.
  • Expertise search. Within your company you have people with a lot of knowledge: The Experts. New people in your company, or people on different locations should find these people. The experts are based on the documents they have written. If you do not write documents about your expertise the Expertise search will not find you. The basis for an expert is to share his or her knowledge.

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clive boulton said...

nice that 100 person company can have enterprise search just like the big global companies.

blogging by experts has to be the best way to get the news out:)