Thursday, February 12, 2009

Traffic to your site: Try to win a poken if you like innovation.

On my blog I do several experiments to get more visitors to my blog site. For instance:
  1. Is their a difference in publishing on monday or at the end of the week?
  2. Which keywords are popular to get traffic?
  3. Commenting on other blog sites.
  4. Write on someones wall about my blog site when accepting a facebook request.
  5. Twitter about a new post.
  6. Mentioning my blog site in my LinkedIn profile.
  7. Follow other bloggers.
  8. Etc......

Image credit: Mazda6 (Tor)

My boss is doing an experiment which I have not tried till now. He started a competition to win a poken. Let see if it works. The principal of a community is not only to get something but also to give something. This applies for both sites. Another way to give is to write interesting content. And indeed, I like to read the blog of my boss: I have no idea if the experiment will work. We will see.

Do you have experiences with a competition to give something away? Was it successful?

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Unknown said...

We do this at our website ( ) every now and then. For example, we send a free product to everyone who leaves his name. Works quite well, but we have a steady number of visitors ( 500+ a day ). I don't think it works for attracting visitors, simply for the fact that people have to find us before they can get a free product. Also I don't believe you'll create a hype unless you have something very interesting (= expensive) to offer.

Another thing you want to ask yourself (which is probably the case with the poken give-away) is whether you want quality or quantity traffic. I prefer 10 buying customers anytime over 1000 visitors.

Also, it is a good thing to experiment with the time of publishing, but I think no conclusions can be drawn from a small number of visitors (the law of large numbers does not apply).