Monday, February 1, 2010

Receive an improvement report of your SQL configuration and Exact databases.

In 2009, we start building the Exact System Informtion (ESI) Tool. This tool serves both Exact and the customers: Exact gets clear insight in how customers use our software and customers get targetted and personal advice on their use of our software. I'm happy to see that a lot of our customers have used the ESI tool. As of today the Exact System Information tool is extended with an option to receive an improvement report per e-mail.

If you specified your e-mail address and press on the Start Analysis button, the Exact System Information will analyze your SQL Server and Exact databases. When the analysis is completed you will receive within 10 minutes the improvement report. The report is divided in 2 sections:
  1. Server improvements. Server improvements are related to your SQL server configurations like:
    Have you installed the latest Service packs?
    Possible changes in your SQL Server configuration to make use of all available memory.
  2. Database improvements. Database improvements are related to the database itself like: 
    Available product updates.
    Clean up of historical journal records.
    Clean up voided entry records.
    Determine not configured  background jobs.
    Clean up of temporary tables.
    Big SQL log file in comparison to the SQL data file.

If you're already using the Exact System Information tool, it will update itself when you start it again.
Enjoy using the Exact System Information tool. If you have suggestions for improvements please let me know.

Additional information about the Exact System Information tool:

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Unknown said...

Very interesting little tool, I am currently looking at implementing something similar for our company.

Also for reference the SDX folder on the ftp should be checked and perhaps some security should also be looked at.