Friday, April 23, 2010

Exact moves to new Corporate Headquarters.

This weekend my company is moving to a really nice new building. The new building is located in Delft’s Technopolis Innovation Park, an area that aims to attract companies with a high R&D component. “Technopolis”, as the park is referred to, is one of Europe’s leading knowledge centers, and hopes to become the IT center of the Netherlands. The new building’s proximity to the TU Delft, with which we have a strategic partnership, will enhance collaboration with the university.

The new Exact Headquarters inspires leadership and innovation; it will be a place where knowledge exchange and teamwork thrive, and where collaboration between business and education flourish.

For the nearly 500 employees based in Delft, the new building means a flexible, open work environment, in terms of both time and space. Flexible working hours, private meeting areas, open working spaces, and at the same time, a welcoming, informal gathering place to meet with colleagues, business partners, customers and visitors.

I'm really looking forward to the first working day on Monday 26 april 2010 in this new inspiring building.

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