Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SQL Azure available in West European Region and East Asia

As announced in one of my previous blogs, the release of SQL Azure Update 3 is now available. This release of SQL Azure is now also available in 2 new data centers. These data centers are located in the West European Region and the East Asia region. In this SQL Azure Update 3 the following new features are available:
  • 50 GB Database Support – You can now store even more data in a single SQL Azure database as the database size has been increased to 50 GB. This will provide your applications increased scalability. For detailed pricing information on SQL Azure and how to create or modify your database to take advantage of the new size, see this blog post.  In general every GB of data will cost 10 $. For business edition started with 100 $.
  • Spatial Data Support - SQL Azure now offers support for the Geography and Geometry types as well as spatial query support via T-SQL. This opens the Windows Azure Platform to support spatial and location aware applications.
  • HierarchyID Data Type Support – The HierarchyID is a variable length system data type which provides you the ability to represent tree like structures in the database.
Enjoy it, and I'm already looking forward to the reporting server support, so we can make use of the all the maps in combination with the supported spatial data support.

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