Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did you already request an improvement report for your Exact solution?

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Exact started developing the Exact System Information (ESI) tool. With this tool you can receive an improvement report via e-mail. What can you expect in the report?

1. Server improvements.

The server improvement section is related to your SQL server configurations and answers questions like: Have you installed the latest Service packs? Can you make changes in your SQL Server configuration to make use of all available memory? Etcetera.

Screenshot of Server Improvements:

2. Database improvements.

The database improvements section is related to the database itself and gives advice about new available product updates, clean up of historical journal records, clean up of voided entry record, background jobs, clean up of temporary tables etcetera.

Screenshot of database improvements:

The number of requested improvement reports are growing every month. The Exact System Information tool can be downloaded and used for free by all organizations that uses Exact Globe and/or Exact Synergy (Enterprise). Did you already request an improvement report? Do not forget to specify your email address when running the tool.

If you have feedback please comment on this blog or send an email to
The ESI tool can be downloaded here. This blogpost is also published on the Exact Product Blog.


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