Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is said about your business on Twitter? PowerPivot will help you.

Social media, like Twitter, is a powerful medium in which users can express thier emotion about what they are doing. Emotions can be positieve and negative. As a company, it is interesting to know what is said about your business. Of course you are happy if people post positive tweets about your business, but it will also happen that people post negative experiences. Microsoft has made a nice application which will help you to analyze what is said about your business on twitter. It is called: Analytics for Twitter.
You specify the hashtags, twitternames etc, you want to analyze and PowerPivot will do the rest for you. Analyze will be done on the tweets of the last 7 days. After downloading all tweets, you can start analyzing the tweets with the slicers of PowerPivot. Click on the next picture to enlarge the example of Analytics of Twitter.

Analytics for Twitter can be downloaded here.
Requirements: latest version of Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 

Enjoy analyzing your business on Twitter.

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