Thursday, March 8, 2012

Register your hours spent really simple and fast in SaaS solution Exact Online.

In the past I blogged about 8 reasons why I uses a Saas accounting solution for my financial administration. Up till today, I still uses Exact Online with a lot of pleasure for my financial administration. With the introduction of Exact Online Time & Billing in november 2011, we started to use this module in my company for the hour registration of different development teams. As you can see in the title of my blog, I like solutions which are Simple And Fast. The Time and Billing iPhone app is one one of these solutions I like because it is Simple and Fast. Registering my hours is a matter of seconds. Start the app and press the hours symbol.

Now I got a list of all days. The days for which I need to register my hours can be recognized by the plus symbol. Press on the plus symbol.

For the selected day, I can specify the Project, Relation, hour classification and the hours I have spent.

Press on the green submit (Indienen) button and you are done.

Within 1 minute I have entered the hours I spent for the whole week on my iPhone. Hour registration is now fun instead of a boring activity. This app is also available for Android.

The iPhone app can be download via this link or scan this QR tag. Of course this app will also work on the iPad.
More information about the Time and Billing solution can be found here (unfortunatly Dutch only).
Have fun with the registration of the hours you have spent.

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OliyanaBeth said...

Positive experience with using Exact Online Nursing Essay Help, particularly the Time & Billing module, for hour registration, emphasizing its simplicity and speed. The author appreciates how quickly they can record their hours using the iPhone app, making hour registration a more enjoyable task.