Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bluescreen caused by CIPCDDDP.SYS after rebooting Windows 7 Enterprise X64

After rebooting my laptop which runs Windows 7 Enterprise edition (64 bits) I got blue screens (BSOD) caused by driver CIPCDDDP.SYS. I could only boot in safe mode. On another computer I found that the CIPCDDDP.SYS driver is part of the Cisco IP Communicator V7. In Safe mode it was not possible to unistall this driver. This driver is loaded when network drivers are loaded. To avoid this process
  • I undocked my laptop
  • Disabled my wireless network using the wireless network swith on my Dell Latitude E6410.
  • Now I was able to boot without a bluescreen. 
  • After booting I enabled the wireless network card.
  • Update my Cisco IP Communicator client to version 8.6.2.
After booting I did not get a BSOD but after a while my laptop did not respond to any keyboard input. Therefor I disabled again my wireless network. After booting successfully, I enabled my wireless network card and started Cisco IP Communicator 8.6.2. successfully and was able to make a phone call.

So everything is working again after 90 minutes. I hope this workaround will also help for you if you experience this Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

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