Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are you able to scale up your site in a few minutes ?

On the 20th januari, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America. Google has published statistics about the impact of the inauguration on the search activities. As a web site owner, you need to be prepared to handle the extra traffic to your site during these events. Here an example of the increased number of searches for people who where part of the inauguration.

I think Google did a good job, the search was functioning very well during and after the inauguration.

What happens in the world can have impact on your site. This also applies to actions executed by your company. For instance an e-mail to a group of customers or prospects. Planning of these activities should be done in cooperation with your web site administrator. Your site should be able to handle all traffic as a result of your mailing. To handle all traffic after an emailing, you should be able to scale up your site temporarily. Monitoring of your own site traffic and the usage of the underlying hardware is essential for this.

Are you able to scale up your web in  a few minutes if needed?


Aad 't Hart said...

If you read the statistics carefully you can also see that the volume of google searched dropped during the actual inaugural speech.


The sites serving video streams had a much tougher job to do... with record number of video streams to be served. See:

Aad 't Hart said...

This is also very interesting reading related to scalability during important events:


André van de Graaf said...

Thanks Aad, indeed nice statistics on the increased usage of social media during the inauguration of Obama