Sunday, November 1, 2009

My favorite SQL Server Management Studio settings

I work a lot with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). From a performance perspective I'm not so happy with the default settings of this application. Therefor I made some changes to the settings of SSMS.
To made changes to the setting of SSMS start SSMS and select Tools, Options in the menu.

  1. Startup with an empty environment. (Environment, General, At startup: Open empty environment)
  2. To avoid to lock other users when you execute long running SELECT queries. Set the default transaction isolation level to: READ UNCOMMITTED (Query Execution, SQL Server, Advanced, SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL)
  3. Include column headers when copying or saving results. (Query Results, SQL Server, Result to Grid)
  4. Quote strings containing list seperators when saving to .csv results. (Query Results, SQL Server, Result to Grid)
  5. Word wrap. This is a setting which I changed a lot depending on the kind of queries I'm analyzing. (Text editor, Plain Text, General, Settings)
Enjoy using SSMS

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