Sunday, February 21, 2010

First service update for SQL Azure Database is live.

Photo credit: Jakob Montrasio

The first Service update for SQL Azure is live. This update is coming 2 weeks after the general availability of SQL Azure. It contains some bug fixes but more important it contains some new features based on the feedback they got. I'm happy to see that the SQL Azure team is looking seriously to the provided feedback. In my previous blog: "My first experiences with SQL Azure, the SQL Server database in the cloud" I talked about my experience with SQL Azure. Some things for improvement are already implementend in the first service update for SQL Azure like:
  • First dynamic views to monitor the health of a database, diagnose problems, and tune performance. It is not complete but the start is made.
  • Ability to move between editions. You can now upgrade your database fro 1 Gb to 10 Gb. 10 Gb is still the maximum size, but I think this is a matter of time.
  • The idle connection timeout is increased from 5 to 30 minutes. This is much better.
  • Improved algorithm for terminating long running transactions. Import and export of larger date is possible with having to break down you data in smaller chunks.

All details about this first service update of SQL Azure can be read here.

The first service update within 2 weeks, is a really good start. I hope that the SQL Azure team can keep on delivering this kind of service updates with this speed. I can't wait for the second service update.
Enjoy it.


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