Sunday, May 30, 2010

SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 for SQL 2008 R2 is available for download.

With every new version of SQL Server, a new version of the report builder is made. For SQL 2008 R2, version 3.0 is made. Report Builder 3.0 introduces additional visualizations including maps, sparklines and databars which can help produce new insights well beyond what can be achieved with standard tables and charts. The Report Part Gallery is also included in this release. With report parts, work groups can now take advantage of the different strengths and roles of their team members. For example, if you are responsible for creating charts, you can save your charts as separate parts that you and your coworkers can reuse in other reports. You can publish report parts on a report server or SharePoint site integrated with a report server. You can reuse them in multiple reports, and you can update them on the server.

Here are some screen shots of the Report Builder 3.0:
The New Report wizards for Table or Matrix, Charts, Maps.

The toolbar:

Maintaining a report:
Report Builder is a good tool for customers and consultants to build and maintain their reports. It's much more user friendly in comparison with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio. To download Report Builder 3.0 click here. Unfortunately, their is only a 32 bits version available of Report Builder 3.0.

Enjoy building nice reports for your customers.

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