Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Combine SQL Profiler with Performance monitor logs

To analyze the performance of your applications which is running on SQL Server you need to make use of 2 standard tools:
  1. SQL Profiler
  2. Windows Performance Monitor. (Perfmon)
Both tools are useful to understand what happens at which moment. In SQL Profiler you load a profile trace however you can also load the performance monitor log file in the same loaded SQL Profiler trace file. See next example:

What do you need to do:
  1. Make a SQL Profile trace of your application.
  2. Make a performance log file with Performance monitor (Perfmon) of your application via a data collector set. Save the result to a file.
  3. Execute some load in your application.
  4. Stop the SQL profiler trace file and store it as a trace file.
  5. Load the trace file in SQL Profiler.
  6. In the menu of SQL Profiler Select File, Import Performance Data and select your performance log file.
  7. Select the counters you want to see in the SQL profiler.
Now you have both trace files combined in one application. When you scroll through the profile entries you will see the red vertical bar moving. A perfect way to analyze the performance of your application.

Enjoy using the performance monitor with SQL Profiler.

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