Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Announcement of SQL Azure Reporting CTP

Microsoft has announced SQL Azure Reporting service. Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting lets you use the familiar on-premises tools you’re comfortable with to develop and deploy operational reports to the cloud. There’s no need to manage or maintain a separate reporting infrastructure, which leads to the added benefit of lower costs (and less complexity). Your customers can easily access the reports from the Windows SQL Azure portal, through a web browser, or directly from your applications. SQL Azure Reporting enables developers to enhance their applications by embedding cloud based reports on information stored in a SQL Azure database. By using the SQL Data Sync CTP, you can upload data from your on premise database to a SQL Azure database. This SQL Azure database can be used by SQL Azure Reporting CTP.
You create your reports in the same way as your are doing it for an on premise SQL Reporting Server. The only difference is that you deploy your reports to the SQL Azure Reporting services.

Take a look at next video about SQL Azure Reporting services.
If you are interested sign up here for the SQL Azure Reporting CTP.

More detailed information about SQL Azure Reporting see:
Enjoy creating your dashboards in the cloud.

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