Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Viewing reporting service reports (SSRS) on your iPad or iPhone.

I use my iPad to consume a lot of different data. This can be internet pages, rss feeds etc. Recently I started to view reporting service reports (SSRS). In the Safari browser you can start your reporting service reports as you are doing in your Internet Explorer. However the Safari browser does not always show your report in the correct way. Using Internet Explorer is still the best browser to view your SSRS reports. However on my iPad I have no choice to install Internet Explorer. To workaround this problem I found a specific app named: Sketch Reports. With this app I can view my reporting service reports.

I will give you one example of a SSRS report in the safari browser on the iPad.

 Now the same report but now running on the SketchMD app.

Click here to download the Sketch Reports app in de Apple App Store. The Sketch Reports version is the free version. This version only works on the iPad and NOT on the iPhone. You can run one report from one folder. The Sketch Reports Pro version is the full version which runs on the iPad and iPhone. More information can be found on the website of SketchMD

The full version has next features:
  • Download and View Reporting Services Reports
  • Supports SSRS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 in native and sharepoint modes
  • SSL Support
  • Parameter support
  • Supports Drill Down and Drill through report navigation
  • Eamil reports
Enjoy using your iPad to view reporting services reports.


sigkill said...

when e-Sy ent will support different browsers/OS? now it is huge diff for better between e-sy asp and .net, but still many parts of e-Sy ent just doesn't work on other browsers than IE.

gabouy said...

You should try ReportPlus ( as well, as it connects directly to SSRS from the iPad, and supports other data sources as well.