Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guest lecture: Performance testing of data intensive software.

In august 2008 my company Exact started a strategic collaboration with Delft University of Technology. Exact and the TU Delft signed a long-term strategic collaboration agreement that will allow the two organizations to share their knowledge and expertise to develop new technologies, products and services. Today, I had the honor to give a guest lecture for the students of Arie van Deursen, a full professor in Software Engineering at Delft University of Technology, who is leading the Software Engineering Research Group. In the guest lecture I talked about the performance testing of your application. What kind of thinks you should take into account before you can start your performance tests.

If you are unable to see the presentation, please click here.

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Unknown said...

You direct me to you side to watch the presentation (doesn't show up in the feed), but at the site it still doesn't work. The viewer comes up, but gives erros.

Suggestion: use slideshare, because than it also shows up in Google Reader