Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perfect demo of SQL Server Project "Crescent" Denali.

Last year I blogged about: SQL Denali codename Crescent What is it. This was based on my visit of the head quarters of Microsoft in Redmond. Product managers from the SQL Server team showed to me the great possibilities of project: Crescent. Unfortunaltely this event was under NDA, so I could not blog about it. But with the availability of SQL Denali CTP3, you can play your self with Crescent. Project Crescent is a new immersive ad-hoc visualization tool that is part of SQL Server Code Name "Denali" Reporting Services. Project "Crescent" is designed with end users in mind to quickly, easily, and visually explore their data and answer ad-hoc questions in just a few clicks. Have a look to the next video to understand the great possibilities.

One thing to keep in mind: Crescent will only be available in SharePoint mode. For companies without an ICT department, deploying and maintaining of a Sharepoint server can be too complex. I think that the decision makers of these companies will have the same need to 'play' with the data.

To start your experience with Crescent you can download SQL Server code name Denali CTP 3 from here.

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