Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SQL 2012 will be launched on 7th march 2012

On 7th March 2012, it is time to launch SQL 2012, codename 'Denali'. As we have seen in the past, this does not mean that the bits are general available at this time. In the case of SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft’s release to manufacturing (RTM) of the product preceded by about a month the date on which most customers could actually get the bits.

Interesting changes can be found in the BI stack, which is called Power View. (codename 'Crescent'). The biggest disadvantage of Power View is the need to have Sharepoint. A lot of organizations do not have the knowledge to install and maintain a Sharepoint server. Please read next 2 blogpost i mande in the past about Power View.
Pefect demo of SQL Server project Crescent.
SQL Denali Codename Crescent: What is it?

Enjoy it.

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