Monday, January 14, 2013

Display last refresh time in Power Pivot

With Power Pivot, you can start analyzing your data off-line. After importing the data you do not need a database connection anymore. A lot of people want to know the date of the last time that the Power Pivot data is refreshed. You can do this in the following way:
Add a tab (LastDataRefreshTime) to the Power Pivot window and use next query:

SELECT GETDATE() AS LastDataRefreshTime

After adding the tab to the Power Pivot Window, one record is added in this sheet. This record can be used in you Power Pivot Sheets.

Select the tab in your Excel sheet on which you want to add this LastDataRefreshTime.
Add a Pivot table and select LastDataRefreshTime from the PowerPivot Field List.

By default the measure is added as a SUM. Change this to MAX.

The last data refresh time will now be displayed in your sheet.
Enjoy the Power of Power Pivot.

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Greuthungi said...

I'm assuming this is for Power Pivot for SharePoint. How can I do the same for Excel 2013?