Friday, January 11, 2013

Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC during starting Power View in Office 2013

In Office 2013 you can enable Power Pivot and Power View. After opening a Power Pivot sheet you can start using Power View. Power View can be found in the Insert Ribbon of Office 2013.

After pressing the Power View icon next error can occur:
Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

This error can occur in next situation:
  • You have created a Power Pivot sheet with Power Pivot version 11.1.3000 in Office 2010.
  • You opened this Power Pivot sheet in Office 2013.
  • You press the Power View button in the Insert Ribbon of Office 2013.
Solution: Upgrade your Power Pivot datamodel to datamodel of PowerPivot for Excel 201. To do this follow next steps:
  • Open the Power Pivot sheet Version (11.1.3000) in Office 2013.
  • Select the Power Pivot in the Ribbon.
  • Press the Manage Data Model button in the  Power Pivot Ribbon.
  • You will get next message:  This workbook has a Power Pivot data model created using a previous version of the PowerPivot add-in. You'll need to upgrade this data model with PowerPivot for Excel 2013.
  • Press OK
  • Start the upgrades of your Power Pivot model.
  • After upgrading successfully, you can press the Power View button to start using Power View.
Enjoy the Power of Power View.


Douglas Chagas said...

I get the same problema even in a new document created in Office 2013.

If I use a datamodel with 1 table, theres no problem. But if I have more than one table in the same datamodel, the problema happen.

I dont know how to solve it.

Wowbeauty said...

Thanks for sharing this in gwalior