Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The advantage of an emotional relationship with your customers.

One week ago I enjoyed a week of holiday in Centerparcs. This was my fourth visit to the park. During this last visit I could recognize some things in which Centerparcs values their loyal customers. These loyal customers are called Friends. As a Friend of Centerparcs you get some additional privileges:

  • Check in via the internet.
  • Friends are allowed to check in in their apartment at 13:00 instead of 15:00
  • 2 free activities
  • Tickets to get every day a newspaper for free in the supermarket
  • Welcome chocolates in the apartment
  • Thank you email for being a customer after my holiday

With these simple privileges Centerparcs creates an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable. Centerparcs is building an emotional relationship with his customers instead of only a transactional relationship.

These privileges are appreciated by the customer but also results in added value for Centerparcs.

  • Check in via Internet saves time at the welcome desk.
  • Check in at 13:00 will spread the arrival time of new customers.
  • 2 free activities generate extra revenue for drinks and food during these activities.
  • During visit to supermarket for free newspaper additional snacks or drinks are bought.
  • Thank You email with at the end a question to participate in an online Survey. The Thank You letter will results that people are more willing to participate in the survey. This survey is very valuable for Centerparcs.
Overall result of building an emotional relationship is a win – win situation. Customer feels more comfortable. Centerparcs invests in newspapers and chocolates but generates revenue with additional drinks and get higher participation in the online survey. It saves costs for the welcome desk.

Therefore I have one advice. Invest in an emotional relationship with your customers. What is better than a happy customer? They will tell the story. This blog is an example of it. It is free publicity.

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