Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exact System Information application: Why should you use it?

This is my third blog post about the Exact System Information application. In the first 2 blogposts I introduced the reason of the Exact System Information application and what kind of information is retrieved by the Exact System Information application. In this blogpost I will explain why you as valuable customer should start this application on your SQL Server.
With the information we received from your Exact databases, we are able to improve our software. However improvements in the software based on this data will cost time and you will not directly benefit of it.

So the question is: What kind of improvements are directly possible for you to implement?

I will give some examples to:
SQL Server configuration improvements:

Example: Database configuration improvement scripts:

Example: Not used Exact functionality: Clean up historical journal records to save database size.

These are some examples. To experience all possible improvements, please start the application on your SQL server. The application is available on : ftp://ftp.exact.nl/Software/ESI/ExactSysInfo.zip. Extract the zip file on your SQL server and start the ExactSysInfo.exe
After we have received your data we will analyze the data. Via the support department you can request the improvement report. In the future we will distribute this improvement report via our portals.

Thank you already for your cooperation and trust in Exact Software.

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