Friday, May 24, 2013

How to retrieve IO statistics of SQL databases on file level?

Performance of a SQL database depends on different factors. One of these factors is disk activity, also known as Disk IO. With Windows Performance monitor (Perfmon) you can measure the performance of your disk. However if you have 4 database files on 1 drive, you do not know which of your databases is causing the most Disk IO. Within SQL Server you can use a dynamic view which will give you information on database file level.  Execute next statement on the SQL Server:

SELECT  ,s.filename, NumberReads,  NumberWrites,  BytesRead,BytesWritten,
 IoStallReadMS, IoStallWriteMS, IoStallMS,BytesOnDisk
FROM Fn_Virtualfilestats(NULL,NULL) f
INNER JOIN sys.sysaltfiles s ON f.dbid = s.dbid and f.FileId = s.fileid
INNER JOIN sys.databases d ON f.DbId = d.database_id

This query will show next columns:

Name: Database name
Filename: Filename of the database file. Look to the extension to see if it is the MDF or LDF file
Timestamp: Database timestamp at which time the data was taken
Number of reads: Number of reads issued on the file
BytesRead: Number of bytes read issued on the file
IoStallReadMS: Total amount of time, in milliseconds, that users waited for the read IOs to complete the file
Number of writes: Number of writes issued on the file
BytesWritten: Number of bytes written issued on the file
IoStallWriteMS: Total amount of time, in milliseconds, that users waited for the read IOs to complete the file
BytesOnDisk: Physical file size(count of bytes) on disk.

With this query, you can look which databases are generating the most IO and time database files are waiting on the disk to get the required data. This can help you to decide to move some database files to seperate disks.


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